Prompt for the Day: “Sentimental”

The reminiscent people from the Daily Post group of Word Press chose “Sentimental” for today’s prompt.  Then they made the usual obvious statement-“Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.”


Made me think of an episode of the old great television show from M.A.S.H. where one of the characters named Cornel Potter was remembering his favorite song “Sentimental Journey” performed by Doris Day.  At the end of the long nights of surgery hearing the song played over and over, even he got tired of hearing the classic!

Am very sentimental myself about a few select things.  Kept ever letter my husband ever wrote me, have a few of the gifts he gave me while we were dating, like the glass etching of a unicorn made by one of the craftsmen from a place called Red Oak II.  He gave me a glass music box of a white horse that plays the song from “Chariots of Fire” when wound up.  We have drug these things with us through more than a hand full of states of the country.

We own copies of the entire collection of episodes from M.A.S.H. since we both like watching it.  We both enjoy the same types of music, but I am moved most by songs from Andrew Lloyd Weber’s “Phantom of the Opera” which we have seen several times.

Please Help Fight Destructive Disease

The medicine my neurologist has prescribed for me for my multiple sclerosis is called Tysabri. Trying to find the actual cost on the internet is basically nearly impossible. I remember when I first started on the drug the amount the facility tried charging me was well over $2500. There was no way my husband and I could afford then or every 28 days! Biogen (the company that manufactures the drug) has been helping us with some of the cost of the drug, but will not continue helping indefinitely. So I have started a Go Fund Me campaign. To contribute to the fund, click on the following link:


Leave either your saintly wisdom or even better demonic musings!

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