Prompt for Today from Prompt Stomp is still “COSTUMES”

My costume for my fifth grade year of grade school, was a hand made Clown’s costume as part of our Girl Scout troops clowning around project.  With that project, we dressed as clowns and visited different area nursing homes to try to cheer up their residents.

Like the previous year’s costume of a domino, they weren’t scary at all.  We didn’t want to scare the nice elderly people, just amuse them for a while.  Was a great time spent with the residents of the different facilities and listening to all their life’s experiences.  They actually got to live through the history we had only began to discover in our schooling’s history classes!

Some of the residents had helped in the various war projects that occurred during their past.  The helped manufacture the missiles, uniforms, protective gear for our soldiers, general ammunition, and just about anything necessary to support our troops in their fights against evil!  Others just (as if that was easy back then) raised the next generation of Americans.

They told us about the shortages they went through in their life times, rubber restrictions (wars again), bread lines from the great depression, and other things they had been forced to give up.  Then there was the invention of the great food, SPAM.  Personally, can not stand the stuff, but it was a modern miracle back then!  Imagine getting your meat fresh from a can, instead of having to kill it for your family.

Also found out how proud they were of their families for their contributions to our country.  Got to speak with family members who’s kids were now major players in American businesses today.  They told of the small achievements their family members had while still living at home, now look at them!

All this while dressed as a simple clown.  Who though you could learn so much in a Halloween costume?

This is a part of the Prompt Stomp!

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1 thought on “Prompt for Today from Prompt Stomp is still “COSTUMES”

  1. Megan

    Love it! This reminds me an of interview I did for school. I interviewed my grandpa, but I remember clearly all the things he said. About saving materials, food rations, shortages etc. It is amazing how much you can learn from a simple encounter. Great post! 🙂



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