The prompt for the day from Prompt Stomp is “COSTUMES”

The best costumes I remember as a kid, were the ones I created myself!  Hated having to go out and purchase ready made costumes that had absolutely no individuality in them.  My best friend, when I was really little, was a girl that lived with her grandparents a couple of fields away from the farm house in which I grew up.  We decided that we did not want to buy our costumes from the store like everyone else, when we were in the fourth grade.

Personally took an empty paper towel box from my parent’s farm to use for my costume.  For her costume (she was much taller than my tiny frame) resorted to use an empty refrigerator box.  With black spray paint to cover the boxes as a base, we created  two domino costumes to enter into the town’s huge Halloween competition (mind you the town had a single stop light, our graduating high school’s class size was in the 30’s).  Used plain white paper cut outs for the needed dots to complete our domino’s faces.  Her domino was a representation of the number six, while mine was a single one.  She had the larger canvas to work with.

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Wearing black pants and long sleeved turtle neck shirts, we topped it all off with two matching top hats!  We both wore black face paint and black shoes and socks to complete the effect.  Don’t worry, we carried light sticks so that we would be visible by other people and cars.

Needless to say, we kinda won.  Just meant we would have to come up with something better for the next year!  Don’t worry, we did.  Wait for my next post tomorrow as the tale continuous!

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3 thoughts on “The prompt for the day from Prompt Stomp is “COSTUMES”

  1. Noirfifre

    That is awesome, when you build creativity a child, ideas for projects as an adult s become easier. I am curious did you and your bestfriend like Arts and Crafts at school?



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