Trying to get wheelchair ramp so I can get in and out of my house

We closed on a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house on August 15, 2014.  I knew at the time there would be no easy way to get any of my wheelchairs in or out of the home.  Once we moved in on the 20th of August, I had to find possible escape routes in case of emergency.  Came down to throwing my manual wheelchair down the back steps and then crawling out on my hands and knees.  Not ideal, but doable.

Jason purchased two metal aluminum pieces to use for taking a heavy objects down stairs.  Face it, me in my lightest wheelchair is still over 100 pounds.  I used to be able to handle 170+ pound hay bales, but not anymore!  I don’t expect him to have to do it either.  Scares me to death every time we have to use it.  There are no safety rails to ensure I don’t fall off the ramp.

My neurologist informed me at my appointment with him on April Fool’s day 2014, I wasn’t allowed to drive anymore.  Told him I hadn’t drove since we moved to this state back in 2008.  At least now, I had a legitimate reason for not being able to drive!

We ended up getting a tax refund in early 2015.  Hoped to use part of that to pay for my ramp.  At my neurologist’s request, had to have my annual MRI, due to my multiple sclerosis back at the beginning of April.  I get the results back in May.  Jason was planning on hiring a professional contractor to build the ramp, but the expense of the MRI cut into our funds too much.  Looked like I wasn’t going to be able to get a ramp.

Did some research on the internet about getting a medically necessary ramp installed by professionals for the disabled.  There is a program called “Metropolitan Center for Independent Living (MCIL)”, here in St. Paul!  You can visit the site at  They have sites all over the country.  Was told about this site from information given to me by my Humana medicare advantage plan support nurse.  She gave me the number of the Ramp Coordinator who oversees several contractors.   The coordinator gave me the name of a contractor to call.  Left voice mail on the contractor’s machine.  Got a call the next afternoon.  He will be coming out to see what needs to be done to get my ramp built!

Looking forward to his visit.  Am so excited, I may explode!


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