Organizing my office

Working on straightening up and reorganizing the room where I do all my writing and other office related tasks.  Need to have this completed by Monday, when the man who will be in charge of getting my ramp built will be visiting.

I miss the office we had in our house in Colorado.  Full length table used for desk.  Four book shelves full of books, mostly reference books.  Several interconnected computers for network experiments.  Window looking out to the mountains to the west.  Just had to look out the window for instant inspiration.  No view outside here.  Now I have a single laptop running an inferior operating system, Windows 7.  The operating system is really just a virus stealing computer resources!

At least it is not as cramped as living in the various apartments was.  Had absolutely, no space to spread work out to be completed.  Here the office is handicap accessible.

Leave either your saintly wisdom or even better demonic musings!

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