Prompt for the Day: “A True Saint”

The apparently sacrilegious  people at the Daily Post group from Word Press came up with today’s prompt of “A True Saint“.  They people also asked a question and gave a few words of advice-“In 300 years, if you were to be named the patron saint of X, what would you like X to be? Places, activities, objects — all are fair game.”

The faith I was raised in, and the one I converted to in college, neither recognize mere human people as saints.   Personally I for one, am anything but!

If anything I would be the patron saint of mistakes and clumsiness!  My life has been one humongous mistake after another.  The only reason I no longer trip over my own feet walking, is I am now confined to using a wheelchair due to multiple sclerosis.  Spend my day either sitting in my recliner or wheelchair, except when I get down on the floor to antagonize our cat.  Adopting that animal, is turning out to be another mistake since the animal prefers to bite me all the time!  I am the one that feeds him.

The cat must have not heard it is impolite to bite the hand that feeds you!  Just proves how messed up the creature truly is.  If the cat doesn’t stop shedding, it will end up freezing to death this winter!  Hates to be covered up with a blanket, just likes to be on a warm person’s lap.  Never been one for a lap cat, myself.  Prefer an active friend that likes to kill and chase bugs that enter our home.

Used to play fetch with the last cat we had.  It was an excellent soccer goalie!  Couldn’t get a ball past him when he was fully awake.  We used to play hide and seek at the house we lived in up in Colorado.

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