Hate this time of the month!

Started my period four days early this month.  Was scheduled to start tomorrow, which happens to be Wednesday.  Unfortunately, started on Sunday morning which explained why I felt sick to my stomach Saturday night.  Normally, have no problems keeping my lasagna down.

Have had to deal with my monthly migraines again this month.  Vomiting is not my favorite type of activity, 3 drinks into breakfast got sick!  Didn’t finish breakfast.  Wish the doctor who delivered me would have been correct when he told my parents I was going to be a boy!  Would have made my father happier.

Instead I turned out to be a female child who was positioned incorrectly for delivery.  My head was too big.  Had to be cut out by Cesarean surgery.  This caused both of my brothers, who followed every 3 years to be delivered the same way.  Grew up as a tom-boy who hung out with all the males that were employed by our family farm.  Even taught myself to urinate standing up like one of the guys.  My mom was not impressed by that accomplishment in the least!

Started experiencing the wrong time of the month problems at the end of fourth grade.  They didn’t even show us the movies about female anatomy until the end of 5th grade.  Was butting heads with the local school system yet again!  Was able to read long before entering kindergarten at the wise old age of 4!  Seemed like every time I turned around was breaking what people thought was normal.

We have central air conditioning in this house, but during the wrong time of the month I am always getting overheated.  Have sweated through way too many pieces of light clothing.  Have to switch them out for dry ones constantly!  Have fans running, but fans just continue to move the  hot air around.

If I could only convince my insurance company to let me get a hysterectomy!  Hate hospitals, but getting rid of the wrong time of the month permanently would be worth it.  Unfortunately, my multiple sclerosis would probably flare up due to the surgery.  Just what I need another problem with the stupid disease.  Doubt my body would react well to having it altered in any way.


1 thought on “Hate this time of the month!

  1. pickingy


    First of all, I applaud your accomplishment. Taking a piss while standing is no small feat 😀 really laughed at that point.

    I know it is a personal challenge to deal with all that’s happening right now. Sometimes we may seem to not understand why.

    My only comfort is Jesus Christ. God has a purpose for our lives. Our time here on this earth is short and is but a stepping stone to glory for eternity with fellow believers in the New Jerusalem.

    I pray that the Lord our God will reveal His purpose for you and that He will cover you in His Grace and loving-kindness and watch over you through every moment of your life.

    Thank you for sharing snippets of your life. God bless you. ~ Andrew N.



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