Patience occasionally pays off!

Back on Friday April 17th, 2015 at the suggestion of a human resource person who works for my health insurance company, I contacted the ramps supervisor of the company that helps provides ramps for the disabled to their homes.  They are located all over the country through community ramp building programs.  Here in the St. Paul, MN area a landscaping company known as Tree Trust provides the physical laborers.

I called The Ramps Supervisor and he told me I had to provide him with my social security award letter, 2 years full tax returns and the pay stubs we had received from the past 6 weeks work.  He visited my house on Mon. April 27th.  He inspected the design of our house to determine the most optimal location of the ramp.  I pretty well knew which the easiest way to put one in was, but he was the expert.  Turns out he agreed with me, the only feasible location for the ramp would be the back door.  He took the information I had provided him with, crunched the numbers, and came to the conclusion that there would be no cost for our family.

Took a while for them to get the permits required by local laws to allow our ramp to be built.  On June 15th the supervisor came with his crew to get them started.  Told the supervisor the guys could use our downstairs bathroom if they needed to, because it has an actual door on it for their privacy.  Our upstairs restroom’s door had to be removed so I could get in it with my wheelchair.  Now it has just a curtain over the doorway opening.  All the guys were very polite and friendly.

Let them know I had to be able to get out of the house on the 17th due to a scheduled doctor’s appointment.  On the 17th  the ramp was up and reached down to the ground, but I had promised the supervisor I would have my husband help me use the ramp down until they were officially finished.

My husband pushed me down the ramp which had safety railing on it now.  Smelled really good due to the wood that it was made from.  There was still no path to the back gate, so he took me across the yard to the gate.  The crew normally didn’t arrive until 8 AM, but we had to leave around seven.  They knew that they would have to use the local gas station if they needed a bathroom, until we got home.  It was after 2 PM when we got home.  The crew were hard at work.  There was now a wooden path from the gate to the back door.  Once my husband had took me up the ramp, I opened the door again and yelled out “the bathroom is back open if you need it”!  Later, they had my husband, who was outside in the detached garage, bring in the paperwork saying the build was finished.  I signed where necessary and he took the paperwork back out to the team.

As the crew was cleaning up the site, it started raining!  They managed to get it complete in between rain storms.  Had a gushing rain here the day before they started the build.  The rain thankfully held off again until they had it completed.


2 thoughts on “Patience occasionally pays off!

  1. Marcus

    I am so happy you got the ramp and path thru the yard. And a wooden one .. bet it looks much better than a concrete one would have …
    Either way you have a path and a ramp!!

    Outstanding news!



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