Prompt for the Day: (try # 3) “To Sleep, Perchance to Dream”

The first prompt presented today did not stick any sort of chord (never mind the elusive “G” chord) with me, neither did the second one they offered. Finally the third offering reminded me how short of sleep I was running on lately, so I am using a quote proffered by the literary wizards at the Daily Post division of Word Press. Think it was actually from Shakespeare’s work entitled “Hamlet”. The prompt for today that I am using is “To Sleep, Perchance to Dream“.

Left off my favorite part of the quote: “ay, there’s the rub“.  Dreams can be really good, but they tend to be extremely evil in my case.  Have experienced on going nightmares most of my life.  (The scary thing is I have actually been awake when the real nightmares occurred as a child!) My nightmares could scare the strongest Navy seal who has lived through bloody incursions in defense of our country!

My sleep is  much better, now that we live in a house that we are in the process of buying.  No noisy neighbors to keep me away all night now.  Just a stupid cat that enjoys raiding the bedroom trash can in his endless search for a used Q-tip that either me or my husband disposed of in the trash.  Now there is no longer a trash can in the bed room for him to wake us by rifling through our discarded bits of trash.

Liked the animal when it was an innocent kitten.  Now he has grown into an ultimate terror on my sleep.  If not going through trash, he barfs loudly.  A vomiting cat is not my personal favorite type of morning alarm to wake up from!  Why can he not just settle by playing with his singing bird or chirping cricket?  Am I asking too much from the animal I feed and water daily?

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