Prompt for the Day: “When Childhood Ends”

The prompt for the day, submitted by the Daily Post part of Word Press is “When Childhood Ends“.  Think that actually varies from person to person.

Since I managed to start reading at the wise old age of three years old, which ended my belief in Santa Claus due to my grandparent’s copy of the paper.  The paper included a cartoon featuring “Dennis the Menace“, who discovered the truth about Santa Claus.  My mom had to make me keep this discovery from my little brother.  Ended up eventually having a second little brother that I had to continue to keep the secret from.

When I turned four, started my educational journey at kindergarten.  Turned out to be the youngest in my class.  My best friend, which I met a few years before we went to school together was not only several month older, but she was taller and larger than I was.  (Still is!)

We all proceeded to first grade together.  Playing “Scooby Doo” during our recess breaks, climbing the monkey bars, you know the normal kids stuff.  Some of the females of the school started belonging to a local Brownie troop of the area Girl Scouts.  Unfortunately, they closed down the location at which I had been attending school.  We had to start going to a different school (more people) and longer bus rides for second grade.

In second grade they started separating us from our peers by our levels of learning.  Had been going by the name “Jenny” since I had been old enough to recognize my name.  Since someone there legally had the name of Jenny, had to start going by my legal name of “Jeanette”.  Took a while to get used to the change.  Now it is all I go by.  Got to meet the woman who held the name first.  Jeanette was the owner of the local funeral home.

My grandpa used to refer to her as big Jeanette when we were all together.  Being short anyway. being called little Jeanette didn’t bother me.  Both of them have unfortunately passed away, now.

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