Got writer’s block again! Guess I have to complain about my family to get over the block

Seems like my mind gets frozen up on Sundays for some reason. Guess that may be due to being forced to follow my parents’ religion for too long.  I still believe in God, but never believed in the United Church of Christ’s way of worship.  Converted to the Methodist way of worshipping God.  Now that I am a happily married adult you would think I would have grown out of those old lessons that were beat into me.  Married a Catholic just to piss my father off.  Actually, I like my husband, so I converted him out of Catholicism.

We just don’t go to church any more due to his work schedule.  My husband is a wonderful person, who takes care off my health needs.  I was not used to that behavior by an adult male before.  Women were always thought of as second class citizens where I grew up.  My father always treated, and still does, my mother as his personal slave, who produced more workers for him.  Thankfully, her body gave out after producing 3 kids, me, followed by my two little brothers, each of us 3 years apart.

Not a bad work force for a family farm.  His father produced 4 boys.  My father produced only 2 boys.  My mother was the only one in her family to attend and graduate from college.  I went away to college as soon as I could.  I wasn’t even 18 when I left home on a scholarship to South West Missouri state University.  It met my requirement of being at over 4 hours away from home.  I lost the other scholarship I had won that only applied if I went to a school in the state of Illinois.

The scholarship to the school in MO was much larger than the one offered in IL.  I ended up meeting my husband in MO, so it was obviously a better choice.  If I hadn’t have gone I would have never met him or made the friends that I made at my first full time employer.

One of the friends I met at my first time employer ended up litterally saving my life.  She had her husband contact the local police where I lived because I was going to commit suicide.  Got locked up in a mental ward for a few days. Not fun.  Won’t try it again!

I never became the astronaut I wanted to be, but I found out during my first year of college that I was too short for the job anyway.  Guess my teachers in high school didn’t want me to know I was too short to go into outer space.


2 thoughts on “Got writer’s block again! Guess I have to complain about my family to get over the block

  1. Marcus

    lemme know if complaining about family works. i need something substantial to break down the block. someone told me once to just write about the block … maybe that’s kinda what you’re doing here .. i dunno. no problem can’t be cured with enough explosives ….



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