I Had a Dream – To Go Into Outer Space, to Leave the Confines of This Planet

Growing up in a small town, where there were no people of color, we learned about Martin Luther King in history. We had no life experiences to base the lessons we were taught on. Until I left for college it was rare for me to run into anyone outside the snotty white people I grew up with.

In college I got to hang around with all sorts of people. Some where not from America. No one was any meaner than the people I grew up with.

My dream was shattered though back in college, when I found out you had to be over five feet four inches tall to become an astronaut. I am several inches shorter than that. There is nothing I can do to change my height.  I got diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1996. Pretty well put the final grasps at the dream to rest when I purchased my first wheelchair that year.

One of the best conversations I have ever had were with a group of co workers while I worked for a company in Chicago, IL. The guys were of a couple different races, but we all got along with each other well. There where at least 5 different religions discussed in the conversation comparing the different religions. We got along fine, but if our boss had ever found out about it we would have been up for the firing block. This was long before 9/11 occurred and the country’s fixation on being politically correct began. I was the youngest person in the group who were having lunch together. My husband and I moved away from the Chicago suburbs we lived in at the time to work for the company’s Colorado location. I kind still miss those guys.  The company went out of business before I left Colorado in 2004.

I was in and out of the wheelchair for years after I was diagnosed. Now, I am in it permanently. Thankfully, replaced my first manual chair in 2013.  All I wanted to do was reach the stars. Now, I have trouble walking. Most of the time I am in my manual wheelchair. I keep the manual one to force myself to keep my body in shape. My electric one is more comfortable, but it does not work in our house.

What were your dreams when you were younger? Did they work out as you hoped they would over the years? Or did it turn out that it was best your dreams did not come true as planned? I never got to climb a mountain while we lived in CO, but with my asthma I would have had too many problems breathing at that altitude. I like breathing too much to risk it, if you know what I mean!

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