Short Vampire Tale

My First Short Vampire Tale

Vampire picture

Tall, dark, and handsome with blood dripping from his fangs, he watched his next meal walking down the sidewalk. Kat was completely unaware of his presence but she felt a slight chill in the air anyway. Clutching her jacket tighter around her shoulders, she continued along the street. Instantly, a male appeared right in her path. She tried to walk around him when he reached out and pulled her to his side.

She shivered slightly from his cool touch and resisted the strange urge to try cuddling up to him. For one thing, the man was cold to the touch, not giving off any body heat like a normal person does! He continued to pull her closer, even though she resisted his touch. He gave up on the pretenses and forced her neck to drop backwards so he could access her jugular vein more easily. Upon feeling his fangs puncture her neck, she began to fight forcibly to try to escape his clutches. Like normal, he overpowered the innocent victim.

But this one was different. She was able to keep her consciousness while he drained her of her life force. When he had drunk his fill, he let go of her form. She stared up at the man and asked him his name. He had never actually spoken to one of his meals before, so he didn’t know how to reply. With her blood warming his body, he began to reach back towards her. This time, he was not as cold as he was before. She began to cuddle up to his form.

He led her off the street into a nearby apartment. Once inside the heated room, she removed her bulky coat. There was a small couch near the door, so she sat down. Patting the part of the couch next to her, she made an inquiring look up to his tall frame of a body. He accepted the invitation and sat down next to her. His body was giving off much more heat now that he had fed from her. He reached out and ran his hands along her inner right thigh. She shivered with anticipation. She grabbed onto his hand that was on her leg and encouraged him to bring it further up to her crotch area. “Getting impatient, aren’t we,” He asked with a smirk.

“You are the one that got this whole mess started!” She replied. He began to think maybe she was the one doing the stalking. Maybe following her off the street had been a big mistake. She squirmed closer to his body’s frame. “What’s next” she inquired. Feeling daring, she grasped the zipper of his pants and pulled downward. “Are you sure you are up to this after just feeding me your blood?” he replied. “I’m all for giving it a college try if you are!” she quirked back at him with a smirk on her face.

“Unless your are feeling chicken, I don’t see why we shouldn’t make a good first attempt at mating” she shot back with a devilish grin. “You know that vampires tend to be very aggressive with their mates, don’t you?” he sheepishly asked. “I’m stronger than you realize” she countered. Now he was starting to get nervous about exactly what his last meal had been taken from. Was she some sort of mutant? Had tasted like strictly human blood to him, but he had made mistakes before. There’s a first time for everything after all!

He helped her by removing his pants completely in one fell swoop of his hands. She stood there observing his masculine frame while remaining fully dressed. Then she asked if he was feeling cold because his manhood certainly appeared to be shrinking! “You’re terrible!” was his only reply. He proceeded to help her join him in his naked state. She reached out and began stroking him with an evil gleam in her eyes from the base of his manhood to the tip. He groaned out loud. Then she began sucking on it with a vacuum-like force. “I won’t last long at the rate you are going!” he warned her.

“Go ahead and take me, then!” she bravely stated. He stood over her and started mounting her forcibly. She moaned at his each thrust into her tightened vagina. And he kept pounding her further into the couch she had been sitting on. “Harder!” she yelled. They went at it like this for several heart-pounding minutes. Finally, he ejaculated into her. “Is that all you have?” she inquired with a leer. “Is there something you need to clue me in on, like what type of creature you really are?” he asked with a shrug of his shoulders.

“I am just a human female who was viciously sexually abused by her father, so I am used to violent encounters,” she said while looking down at her feet. “You were much more of an enjoyable partner than him, by the way, thank you! You never did bother to give me your name.”

“If I give you my name, I will have to make you a vampire!” he stated shamefacedly. “What is the difficulties I would face becoming a vampire?” she questioned her curiosity aroused. “You will need to develop a taste for blood, first off” he quirked. “Can I mix chocolate with it?” she inquired. He shook his head with a hopeless look. “Any other stupid questions?” he implored.

“Why does the ability to give me your name require you to turn me into a vampire? Or are you just trying to avoid the question?” she queried. “I was turned by a very old vampire many centuries ago,” he replied while looking down at his feet. “was not given any choice in the matter!” “What does giving me your name have to do with this fact?” She quizzed.

“The vampire who turned me will end up becoming your grandsire, meaning he will have the ability to take over your mind and body if he so desires” he warned her. “Why haven’t you eliminated him?” she asked quizzically.

“He lives overseas for starters, and he is much more powerful than I will ever hope to become!” he shrugged. “How could you acquire more power to stand against him?” she questioned softly. “Turning you into a vampire would be a small source of power after you gain strength to be able to remain conscious outside during daylight hours” he suggested softly. “He has an extreme number of existing creatures he has already converted over the centuries.” “Make a rough guestimate of how many more people would need to be turned to help you stand up to him” she pleaded quietly.

“Thousands”, he replied dejectedly. “How can you travel to confront him”, she asked. “Easiest would be to challenge him to come here”, he replied fearfully. “What is your name”, she queried for the final time.

“Vlad” he replied as he sank his fangs into her tender neck. He proceeded to empty her body of all her blood. Then he slit his wrist open to get her first drink of blood directly from his veins. Once she had drunk her fill “What no chocolate?” she asked with a grin.

“You will have to stay inside during the day for a few years,” he warned her as she tried to get up and leave the apartment. “So what are our plans now?” she questioned.”You will have your fangs starting to come down sometime during the day, then you will have to try learning to use them to sustain your blood cravings” he warned her.

“So you don’t want me dining on my old friend’s necks?” she questioned. “It would help you conserve your personal blood supply longer,” she pointed out logically like normal. “For the first while you will need to confine your meals to me,” he said apologetically. “Is that an offer for more sexual games?” she inquired slyly. “Or are you an extremely jealous lover?”

“You still in the mood after your long eventful day?” he inquired. “I’m always in the mood” she replied with a quirky smile on her face. “You probably need to try to get some rest so your body can adapt to your recent changes, like giving it a respite to grow your new fangs.”

“Just afraid I’ll drink you dry?” she queried. “Nope, you need to let your body adapt to the incoming fangs in your mouth!” shut up and get some sleep, “End of conversation.”

She begrudgingly settled down for a brief nap. After about a half hour she tried waking him up. Vlad was not in a good mood when she tried to wake him up. “Go back to sleep for a few more hours, then we can have some fun!” he snapped at her.

She laid back down begrudgingly to try to get more sleep. Like most young people who have been sent to bed, she did not sleep that well. After a few more hours of fitful resting, she tried waking him once again.

At least, Vlad was a little easier to talk to when she tried waking him this time. He offered to let her get a drink from his wrist. She was scared to try biting him at first. Having never had fangs before, she had no idea hoe to utilize them. “Bite into my wrist like you would bite a juicy apple” he suggested.”But I don’t like apples!” she complained.”Just bite me and get it over with.” he replied.

She bit Vlad’s wrist like he told her to do. Turned out not to be as bad as she expected it to be! After a few minutes of feeding on him, she removed her fangs from his wrist. Vlad then started to refill his blood lust from her neck. Once they had both drank enough blood, they separated. Now she got undressed again and started fondling him with an obvious intent! She was in the mood again, like she had warned him she would be.

Vlad was amazed at her constant lust for his body. “Don’t you ever get enough?” he questioned her seriously. “Nope!” she replied with an unapologetic look on her face. Vlad just shook his head and began to sate her cravings for his body. Once he had given her several earth shattering orgasms, they both hit the showers separately.

“Can I go outside now?” she asked in a demanding way. “Why are you in such a hurry to leave?” he asked defensively. “Did I not satisfy your sexual needs well enough,” he asked petulantly. “I just want to feel the fresh air outside!” she commented off-handedly. “You will not be able to tolerate direct sunlight for years to come” he warned her.

“Is there anything I can do to help overcome this annoying limitation,” she asked. “Not that I am aware of” he shrugged. “Maybe drinking more of your blood would strengthen my tolerance,” she asked hopefully. “Wanting more of my blood already?” Vlad asked annoyingly.

“I like the old wines the best!”, she replied with a smirk. “You young women are too demanding for me” he replied sheepishly.”Next time you might want to take the age of the innocent victim into consideration before you bite down on her neck!” she replied with a shit-eating grin type of look.”I won’t make the same mistake twice” Vlad commented back.

“What would you like me to make for lunch” she inquired. “Vampires do not need human food”, he corrected her. “Then why am I feeling hungry?” she asked. “Your body just has to get used to the way it is sustained now,” Vlad replied knowingly. “Then let me drink from your veins because I am hungry!” she whined.

“I have not had a source of blood yet today, either,” Vlad replied. “Go find a victim to sate your thirst, then come back so I can get a drink from you”, she countered. Vlad left to venture outside in quest of a blood donor.

After about an hour and a half, Vlad returned grinning. “I have drunk from an older woman, so I can feed you know!” Kat smiled and then used her fangs to get some of his blood to quiet her growling stomach. She thanked him and made the following comment “At least you didn’t try satisfying your hunger with another young lady”, she smirked. “You have actually proved that males CAN be taught occasionally”.

“You seem to be in a better mood, now that you have eaten!” Vlad grinned devilishly! “Now that we both have eaten, how about we strip down for some real good old fashioned fun?” she grinned lasciviously. “You never seem to get your fill of my body” he complained. “If you hadn’t introduced me to it, you wouldn’t be in this situation. That is what happens when you try to satisfy your hunger with a young woman” she replied with a devil may care smile. “You create a unsatiable desire in her”.

Vlad undressed both of their bodies with a swoop of his hands. Kat began to stroke him with an evil gleam in her eyes. “You do not know what you are making me feel” Vlad growled as he mounted her forcibly. “That’s the way I like it” Kat countered.


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