Prompt for the Day: “Lazy Learners”

The people at the Daily Post part of Word Press must want me to feel guilty or something.  Yesterday forced me to admit my love for chocolate candy and now they want to know if there is something I’ve always wanted to learn, but haven’t!  That is why they concocted the prompt for today: “Lazy Learners“.

Have always wanted to learn how to fly, but now that I am officially considered to be color blind will not be able to learn.  Conquered my fear of heights when I was little by learning to climb the apple tree in our front yard.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t high enough.  Am terrified of heights now.

Always wanted to learn to be a good cook like my grandma Sheridan was, but never got the chance as a kid to learn.  Always had to go out side to help on the farm as opposed to help my mom cook.  Now that I cannot handle getting overheated, have to avoid the kitchen.

Learned how to sew while in Girl Scouts, my mom even gave me her old sewing machine for me to use to make things for myself and my husband.  Lost the coordination in my hands, so even threading a needle is no longer possible.  No more mending or hemming from my hands these days.

Have always wanted to learn to speak the Latin language.  The language may be officially dead, but so many words today get their origins from it!  Would give me a leg up on understanding many medical terms.

Maybe I should just take a sky diving lesson!  Would have to have someone bring my wheelchair to me after I reach the ground.  Sort of takes the thrill out of the idea.  Doubt I could tackle a new programming language these days.  My best code was written back in college, while I was still drinking on a regular basis.  Have been sober now for years.

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3 thoughts on “Prompt for the Day: “Lazy Learners”

  1. toutparmoi

    Maybe you could do an on-line Latin course? It would be hard to speak good Latin, because the word order is so different from English. The verb should come at the end of a sentence, and adverbs have a strict order, i.e. time before manner before place.
    I did Latin at high school for five years, but while both of my teachers were good teachers (technically) one was overly stern and the other was what would nowadays be called a bully. So I didn’t have a happy time in my classes, but I don’t regret them.



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