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Prompt for the day: That Stings!

The daily prompt for today from wordpress is: That Stings!

For most people getting stung by a bee is not serious.  It just makes me vomit uncontrollably for a few minutes.  A yellow jacket wasp is another story entirely!  I go into instant anaphylaxis shock.  My ability to breathe stops instantaneously.  Only fix is a shot of epinephrine delivered by someone else, since I am sort of rendered unconscious!

Fortunately. the only time I have been stung by a yellow jacket wasp was when I was little helping my grandpa clean the local cemetery where he worked.  There was an old shed on the property that housed the cemetery’s grounds keeping equipment.   He had asked them to get the wasp’s nest removed several times, before a mourner ended up getting stung.  Luckily, that never happened.  Just his 7 year old granddaughter ended up getting stung and having the same type of allergic reaction he had.  Since he always carried his epinephrine on him at all times. he was able to literally save her life.

He administered the injection  and got her sitting back up on the grass where she had fallen unconscious.  Told her to just sit there while he turned off all the machinery he had been working with.  He came back and gave her a drink of water from his canteen.  Then helped her walk back along the cemetery rows, until they reached his old pickup truck.  He helped her get in, and then drove back to his house where they waited for his wife and her mom to return from shopping.

Since it was getting close to lunch, he made soup for both of them to share.  Being a  retired Navy sailor, he had learned how to cook from the best cooking instructors in the free world.  I never was a fan of soups, but his soup could satisfy the most discerning food critics!