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Prompt for the day: “Worlds Colliding”

Talk about people reading my mind!  The people at the daily post some how knew I was in a violent mood and came up with the imagery of Worlds Colliding.  The idea of worlds colliding is very violent, in my mind at least.

Imagine just the destruction that could happen if something like two continents collided.  If I remember my history correctly, it happened years ago long before I was ever the slightest twinkle in my parents eyes.

Think as far as politics in the world go, there are different political factions colliding all around the world on a constant basis.  If you really want to make a mess, throw in a dose of religion for good measure!  Now we are talking about a blood bath of a collision of epic proportions.

At the moment, over on one of the other continents there are refugees being displaced due to war and lack of food and housing.  They reported on the local news last night that the last time this many refugees had been displaced was during World War Two!

If you want to go closer to home, think about when families are in the middle of going through a divorce of kids’ parents.  The children often are forced to survive in two or more completely different environments (or worlds to them) they have absolutely no choice in the matter!  One parent’s environment might be a safe loving place for the kids, just not much money.  The other place could be flush with funding, but no time for the children’s growth and nurturing.  How do you decide where the kids should spend most of their time?  Who has both the right and knowledge to make an informed decision?

What about when our elders are forced to leave their homes, moving into a place where they can be supervised and cared for around the clock?  They loose their freedom to decide what they can do and when they can do it.  Kind of a collision of two worlds in my opinion.