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It’s happening!

The team from Ramp Builders are starting to build my wooden wheelchair ramp out my back door!  Should be fully completed sometime this week.  I have a doctor’s appointment in two days.  The Ramps Supervisor said they will get the ramp to where it will reach the ground by then.  Will take a little longer until the safety rails are all up, but at least my husband will be able to get me to the ground safely.

When the ramp is completed, there will be a wooden pathway to the back gate.  Will be able to actually get outside and meet my neighbors!  Gardening will be great too.  Looking forward to the future!

Just feel like I should be out there helping them.  Am going to stay inside out of their way and let them do the job they were trained to do.  Have no knowledge of legal safety requirements for a wooden ramp.   As long as it lets me escape from the house on occasion, I will do what they tell me needs to be done.