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Prompt for Today: “Carefree”

The blissful people at the Daily Post group of Word Press want to observe our art works based on the word “Carefree“.

Considering My Health Problems

I am definitely not ever carefree!  Along with the scoliosis and asthma I was diagnosed with as a child, add the hideous disease called multiple sclerosis and the sub pubic catheter I had surgically inserted in my body before starting my first dose of the disease modifying medicine in 2010 (has caused way too many urinary tract infections to count) tend to be constantly sick!

Just out of curiosity, how often do you end up coming down sick?

If you would like to offer any helpful advice on the subject of avoiding illness, simply fill out the form below:

All advice will be read by me personally.  Thank you for all your help in this continuously on going problem!

I always follow my doctor’s suggestions to the letter and finish all prescriptions completely.   Flush my nose out with saline as often as I can.  Have a deviated septum, so neti pots do not work for me, unfortunately.  There is no better way to invite illness to reside in your body, than not to finish medicines prescribed by your doctors!  Never share your medications with other people even within your family.  What works for you may make another person deathly ill!

Please Help Fight Truly Evil Disease

The medicine my neurologist prescribed for me to treat my multiple sclerosis is called Tysabri. Trying to find the actual cost on the internet is basically nearly impossible. I remember when I first started on the drug the amount the facility tried charging me was well over $2500. There was no way my husband and I could afford that then or every 28 days! Biogen (the company that manufactures the drug) has been helping us with some of the cost of the drug, but will not continue helping indefinitely.



Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Appointment

Had an appointment yesterday with a doctor at the Courage Kenny hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Dreaded the appointment, because I had been through three weeks of hospitalization for rehabilitation back in 2009.  Was terrified they would try locking me away in a hospital again!  Turned out the doctor was easy to get along with.  The only problem is the exam room was way too warm for my body’s liking.

Have low blood pressure normally, except when I visit a doctor’s office.  Then my pressure shoots off the roof!  Been scared of doctors since I was younger.  Hated needles and hated the doctor I saw back then.  He kept telling me I was imagining my problems.  Had to move away to college to discover I had multiple sclerosis!

She went over all the paperwork, I had typed out instead of writing like I was supposed to do.  Figured the doctor would actually want to be able to read the paperwork, instead of trying to interpret my chicken scratch of handwriting I currently am able to produce.

When she got to the part about my actual bowel movements, she determined that my chronic constipation may be the underlying cause of my urine tract infections.  She suggested I take a single Colace pill a day.  Had Colace on hand, but had been afraid to take it too frequently to avoid becoming dependent on the drug.  The doctor assured me it was not habit forming.  So now I take a Colace pill every morning, after I squirt my Flonase up each nostril.  Manageable solution for my constipation at last!

My back pain is a lot better know that I am not constipated, too!  The blood in my urine does not seem to be a problem now, either.  Still urinating very frequently, so am not sure my urinary tract infection is truly gone.

Another dreaded UTI!

Got yet another urinary tract infection.  On the 4th of July, my husband changed out my sub-pubic catheter which had started to crystallized yet again.  Happy fourth of July for me, NOT!  When it crystallizes makes it hard to successfully urinate.  Once that had been changed out, still did not feel good.  Was having to use the bathroom too frequently.

Woke up on the sixth with  a severe back ache that had been plaguing me for days.  It finally dawned on me the back ache and urine trouble meant I most likely had a urinary tract infection once again!  No longer able to drive because of multiple sclerosis, I logged onto the internet and started filling out an electronic visit with the clinic where my primary care doctor works.

Got a call back from the clinic.  The doctor prescribed me an antibiotic to fight the infection.  Had her send it to the pharmacy we frequently use for my medicines.  As I said earlier, I do not drive so asked my husband to stop by the pharmacy on his way home from work.

His work ran late, but when he called to let me know he was heading home, asked him to to drop by the pharmacy to pick up my needed medicine.  An hour later, heard the garage door open.  Knew he was home by the noise in the house.  He came up to the main floor and gave me my medicine.  Read the medicine’s directions then took my first dose.  Fed the cat.

Had forced myself to eat all day so I was not hungry.  He sat down and petted our cat for awhile.  He asked me what I wanted for supper.  Still wasn’t hungry, but knew my body would need fuel to get over this infection so I asked him to have the roast beef like we had planned.  Fortunately, was not sick to my stomach.  When supper was finished cooking went to the table and made myself eat like normal.  Afterwards, brushed my teeth in the bathroom.

Went to bed after watching the weather forecast for the next day.  The cat came and curled up by my head while I was trying to sleep.  Didn’t remember much until my alarm went off this morning.

Got up and used the bathroom like normal.  Came back into the bedroom and got dressed for the day.  Was actually hungry!  With a growling stomach went into the front room and took my antibiotic.  Once that was down, started on my normal daily pill regime.  With a combination of multiple sclerosis and asthma, have a lot of pills to get down my throat!  Once that was complete, went in to the spare bedroom to feed the cat.

With the cat fed, went to go drink my breakfast shake to quiet my grumbling belly.  My husband left for work.  Still tired from being sick, turned out the lights and went back to my recliner in the front room.  Pulled a light blanket on and fell back to sleep.  My husband called me from his work to let me know he had safely made it there.  Once he hung up, put the phone back down and got some more much needed Z’s!

Woke up when my alarm in my phone went off.  Opened the blinds so the cat could sun himself.  Went into the office to turn the computer on.  Once it was fully booted up, selected the dreaded Microsoft icon so that I could reach the internet.

While waiting for the internet to connect up, went into the bathroom to change out of my attached urine bag and inserted my catheter plug.  That way I could use the bathroom like a normal person!  Now ready to hit the internet. Went back in the office and got logged on to check my email and start writing for the day.

Been a long day so far.  Will be hungry by the time my husband starts cooking supper for the night.  Think we are planning on hamburger and french fries.  We do not fry the potatoes, we bake them in the oven.