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Prompt for the Day: “Ready for Your Close-up”

The prompt for the day, by the dramatic people at the Daily Post group of Word Press, was given as “Ready for Your Close-up“.  They gave us only one additional instruction: “Cast the movie of your life.”

Doubt I could convince a single human being to portray my confusing life in a truly believable fashion, considering I have a hard time believing it myself!  First I am told I would win an appointment to the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO, but due to my age at graduation being only 17 years old my parents would have to sign for me to be accepted.  Naturally, they refused!

So I went out of state on a full ride academic scholarship, that my grades had earned me.  Six hours away from home I started my college career at Southwest Missouri State University.  Ended up becoming an alcoholic in my freshman year.  How I manged to get a steady supply of alcohol at 17, should scare the world.  Not only was I underage, but was not allowed to get a job to help pay for my expenses not covered by my scholarship!  My grades were not high enough to keep me on my scholarship after my freshman year.  Took a few classes during the college’s summer school to try to get my grades back up a little bit.

Met and dated a local boy at the end of my freshman year.  He had real mommy issues.  Rented and moved into an apartment with two guys.  Got kicked out of the apartment, for causes we did not do.  So we moved into a rented house.  At the end of my sophomore year broke up with my boyfriend.  Moved into an apartment with a friend from the place I was finally working at.  My ex-boyfriend actually broke in and stole a pair of my underwear!  Talk about creepy.  My friend moved out.  I had the apartment to myself, but was scared most of the time.  That and I was lonely, because no longer had a boyfriend.

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