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Prompt for the day: Phobia, Shmobia

Where do we begin with this topic?  Have many phobias myself.  Let me count the ways:

First and foremost is my fear of needles.  Known in psychiatric circles as Trypanophobia.     Next was my fear of public speaking.  Over came that by using my speech writing abilities in high school to shout out for help.  The speeches fell on deaf ears, but won me many awards at school, county, and state levels.  Loved going caving in college, but that changed.  As I got older, developed a fear of small spaces, or claustrophobia to you. Try living in cramped apartments when you constantly feel like the walls are closing in on you.  With all these existing problems closing in on me, get upset when someone makes the comment “Phobia, Shmobia“!  These are real existing problems.

Does not help us when friends and family discount our fears continuously.  A little compassion and support  once in a while would be a wonderful change in daily life.  Sometimes we just need to be left alone to get ourselves back to a calmer state of being.  Music helps me get calmed down, if it is not too loud.

I write by typing on a laptop to vent my frustrations to the world.  Thankfully, have not lost my ability to express my  personal feeling in the written word.  Since I want it to be legible, I do not submit the world to my horrible handwriting.  Just type, since it is much more readable that way.

Since I want my musings to reach the world, have to make it in an easily deciphered format.  Since English is the most common way of communicating today, am glad I have been speaking it since I started spewing out my first words.  Have to admit the fact I tend to slaughter the language on a daily basis, but I tend to manage to get my points across.