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Prompt for the Day: “The Luckiest People”

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The extroverts from the Daily Post division of Word Press came up with the following prompt to fuel our writing engines for the day it is “The Luckiest People“.  Then they asked a question followed by an instruction – “Who was the first person you encountered today? Write about him or her.”

The first person I encountered was my husband sleeping next to me, then our cat peered over the edge of my side of the bed.  My husband wanted to go on sleeping, since he had worked am extra long shift at his employer’s site.  The cat just wanted me to open the blinds on the windows so he could sun himself.  Let my spouse sleep a little more and got up and started my normal morning routines that included getting breakfast out of the refrigerator and taking my daily medicines.  Once those were all down, made myself a peanut butter sandwich for lunch, then fed the cat (he was not out of food, anyway).  Went back into the bedroom and asked my spouse to wake up one more time.

Laid out my clothes for my morning shower, then asked my husband to get up, again!  Returned to the front room and drank my breakfast shake.  Eventually, my husband came out and went into the bathroom.  He started his morning coffee, and took out the cat’s litter.  Then went downstairs to use his bathroom.  By the time he came back upstairs, the coffee completed perking.  With his fresh cup of coffee in hand, he joined me in the front room.  So the day had officially began!

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