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Prompt for the Day: “Take Me to the Moon”

The prompt suggested by WordPress for today is sort of too limiting for my taste. “Take Me to the Moon” doesn’t get you into the outer space realm I had always dreamed of going to as a child.  What if I wanted to visit Halley’s Comet or Saturn?

Why are we limiting ourselves to this galaxy?  There are many other galaxies out there that our scientists have only glimpsed sights of with their telescopes.

Ever wonder where the martians are living?  I doubt it is actually the red planet of Mars!  Probably not even in this galaxy, let alone this solar system.  What do they call themselves?  Do their bodies breathe like we do?  That may be why they don’t require an air filled environment like us mere humans do.

Maybe their bodies are actually able to gather life sustaining nutrients from the ground as they move over it (notice how I left out how they moved).  Could be walking, slithering, flying, or some other means of transporting themselves from one place to another.

The other creatures that are out there somewhere are probably reclining back and laughing as our race makes blunder after blunder!  I just laugh hysterically when our cat falls of the top of my husband’s recliner.  Think about how the beings from other worlds view our constant stupidity.  Guess we are the equivalent of our comedy channel in real time for their personal entertainment!

Wonder if they have a superior form of justice than we have on this planet.  Maybe they can tell for sure if someone is lying or breaking the what ever form of laws they have.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful to always know who the real culprit is?  Ever wondered how they actually reproduce?  They may just grow an appendage that breaks off as a new life form.  You never know!

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