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Prompt of the Day – “Seat Guru”

The extroverts at the Daily Post group of Word Press chose “Seat Guru” for today’s writing prompt.  One sentence of instruction, followed by a question:  “You get to plan a dinner party for 4-8 of your favorite writers/artists/musicians/other notable figures, whether dead or alive. Who do you seat next to whom in order to inspire the most fun evening?”

First choice would be Albert Einstein

Face it, the man came up with the theory of relativity!  What an exciting physicist of his age.  Would love to discus physics with the man.  He knows what it is like to survive as an introvert with a mind that works non-stop all the time.  Seat him next to the door, in case he needs to escape from the crowd.

Second, Ray Bradbury

Mr. Bradbury was one of my favorite authors in grade school.  Read every one of his books that the school library contained (considering not many people in the town had ever heard of him, that wasn’t too many).

Phil Collins would be next

Collins has been my favorite musician since junior high school.  Both me and my husband still enjoy many of his works today!  Getting involved with  creating sound tracks for movies definitely was a stroke of genius as far as his career as a composer goes in making an ongoing need for his craft.

Alan Alda is the last

From Alan‘s portrayal of Hawkeye Pierce on the classic television show “MASH“,  his character was the life of the party!  He needs to wear the tuxedo his father (in the show) sent him.  No party exists with out his presence.

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Prompt for the day – Doubters Alert

The mind boggling prompt for the day from the Daily Post part of WordPress is: “Doubters Alert“.

Somehow I doubt that everyone will believe this to be true!  Think there will always be a plethora of doubters out in the universe somewhere.  Remember when the first people commented on the world not being flat?  (Wasn’t alive back then personally, but still don’t doubt this fact is true!)  Or Einstein’s theory of relativity?  How many experiments have to be completed to repeatedly confirm this universal truism?

There will always be someone who claims “That’s not how it was done when I was younger!”.  Will we continue to let the doubters control how our world sees the galaxy?  Will you let someone try to shoot an apple on your head just to prove a well known and accepted physics fact?  (Better make sure the person is an excellent archer before volunteering for the experiment.)

If the world isn’t round, how do the seasons actually succeed in changing on a fairly predictable schedule?  Why don’t we fall off the world when looking over a mountain cliff?  Personally, I fall a LOT.  Have never managed to fall off the world, just tables and beds!

Why do doubters need to be alerted?  Aren’t they normally living in constant fear anyway?  Is this supposed to be something like the feared Amber Alert for missing children?  Makes you wonder how many actual doubters there are in living existence in this galaxy!  Is there a set standard for the limit of doubters in a country?  Does a high doubter number effect the terror alert status for the whole country?  What color is your country currently rated at?  Is it a yellow day or the dreaded  red alert day?  Do the doubters even bother to check their nation’s status on a daily or weekly basis?