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Bedtime Stories

The prompt from https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/bedtime-stories/ is bedtime-stories.  My mom used to try reading me the book that had the classic poem in it: “Twas The Night Before Christmas”.  The only problem is I actually had it memorized at age two and a half!  If she tried to cut the reading short, I would fill in what she was trying to skip out loud!

Drove her crazy.  So she would switch to Dr. Suess’s “One Fish, Two Fish…” book took me about three days to learn that one!   By the time I was three could read things for myself.  My parents didn’t catch on until I read the comics at my grandparent’s house.  That’s how I found out there wasn’t really a Santa Claus from reading Dennis the Menace.

Haven’t stopped reading ever since!  Read all sorts of books.  Even tried reading the dictionary once in grade school, because the teacher would not let me go downstairs to get a book from our school’s library.  The dictionary sort of lacked a plot or decent characters.  Only got through the letter “A”.   Excuse me if I write something audacious for enjoyment.

The libraries I grew up around were lacking any new content.  Even my text books were from back in the 60’s.  I was born in 1973.  My books shouldn’t be more than 10 years older than me!  At least the history books covered the great depression, but after that time it was kinda sketchy coverage.  Had the classics from Fitzgerald, Steinbeck, Mark Twain, and Dickens.  Also had an overflow of the junk reads like Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys.

Once I started dating my husband he used to sing me to sleep with music from decades past!  I miss those types of bedtime stories.