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Prompt for the Day: “Pleasure”

The hedonistic people in the Daily Post division of Word Press want us to create works of art representing our personal ideas on “Pleasure“.

Do Not Experience Pleasure

Since losing the ability to work as a network engineer.  My life was about fixing various companies’ networks abilities to move data across the internet.  Sounds boring to most people, but I had the chance to tell data packets not only where to go, but how they got there!  If it was not allowed on the network, it went in the bit bucket (also known as file 13, trash, or many other knick names).  If the source was allowed but an from an annoying source, I might route it the slowest possible way to get there.  It would get there, but might take a few seconds longer than the fastest route!  My advice, Do NOT piss off the local network engineer or you may end up with crappy response times.  We are in charge of the routers for your company!

Lost my cat due to illness back in 2010.  After waiting to try to give myself time to get over his loss, we adopted another cat.  The animal we adopted is pure evil!  His favorite pass time seems to be biting me.  Finally have managed to catch on to his warning behaviours, so I tell him to get off away from me by knocking him off whatever he is on near my body before he gets the chance to sink his teeth into my skin.

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Anyone have any advice on what to do with the feline version of the dog’s behavior from Stephen King’s book “Kujo”?

Please Help Fight Hideous Disease

The medicine my neurologist prescribed for me to treat my multiple sclerosis is called Tysabri. Trying to find the actual cost on the internet is basically nearly impossible. I remember when I first started on the drug the amount the facility tried charging me was well over $2500. There was no way my husband and I could afford that then or every 28 days! Biogen (the company that manufactures the drug) has been helping us with some of the cost of the drug, but will not continue helping indefinitely. So I have started a Go Fund Me campaign. To contribute to the fund, click on the following link: https://www.gofundme.com/zfabhdes