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Prompts for the day: “Home Turf” and “We can be taught!”

The first prompt for the day sort of left me coming up short.  (Am only 5 feet one inch to begin with, so that’s not saying much!  Been short all my life.)  So I researched the term on the internet.

Home Turf as defined by the site http://www.yourdictionary.com/home-turf  said it was a noun.  Informal – One’s familiar surroundings or habitat.

Gave up on that prompt and went back a year ago on the same day.  The words chosen back in 2014 for the twenty first day of September were “We can be taught!”.  Tried finding that phrase on the internet, but came up bone dry.  A song did happen to pop into my head from high school though!  Pink Floyd’s  song “We don’t need no education”.  Loved listening to that song back in the late 1980’s.

Considering I was an honor student through out my high school career, you probably wouldn’t be able to imagine me liking a song that rails against schooling.  If it wasn’t for my schooling would not have been able to win any scholarships to college!

Was never successful at learning to keep my mouth shut.  Have a tenancy to open mouth and insert my foot, figuratively speaking.  Many are the times I wish I could have taken my words back!  Doubt anyone can count that high, though.

Ever tried to write coherently with a pounding headache?  Feel like my head is going to explode all over the laptop I am currently using.  Think I will have to try taking one of my migraine pills, since the Ibuprofen I took had no effect!  Hate wasting expensive medicines that may or may not work.  Could be just another tension headache.  In that case just an ice pack would be the next best trick to give a try.

Wish there was a magic way to always determine how to help my inevitable headaches.  That would be quite the money producing  invention!

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