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Prompt for the Day: “Honorific”

The actual post for the day as suggested by the people from the Daily Press division of Word Press was “FAQ”  did not strike any clean chord with me, so I resorted to a list of daily prompts from another source.  That source gave the following prompt for today: “Honorific”.  They also gave also gave the following words of inspiration to be followed or not as you choose-“October 16th is officially declared “Person X Day” — and you get to pick Person X. Tell us about someone who deserves to be commemorated.”

I think we should hold all of the serving military personnel, both past and present with a honorific sense of awe for their service to our country!  Think all Americans should thank our service people for the freedoms we experience in our daily lives.  Can think of no one else who deserves to be held with this type of high esteem, than them.

They sacrifice their free time, safety, and health in general to protect the homeland they come from.  Whether they are forced to fight on foreign soil with harsh conditions or work at a computer terminal here in America, they do it for us!

PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder) is a real disease many of our soldiers end up suffering from.  They generally do not receive the help the need and are entitled to from their service!  Ends up leaving families and friends alienated from the soldier they used to know and love.  Do not understand how we can in good faith continue to abandon the mental husks of the soldiers who served our country!  They are in dire need of help from a psychiatric doctor who can possible help lead them in the right direction so that they can start healing.  Length of time needed for the healing should not be taken into consideration.  They need help no matter how long they will need to continue seeing a professional.  They earned the help by their service to our country!

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Prompt for the Day: “Connect the Dots”

The prompt for the day given to us by the creative people working with the Daily Post group of Word Press is: “Connect the Dots“.  Added instructions to jump start our meager brains were “Scour the news for an entirely uninteresting story. Consider how it connects to your life. Write about that.”

My mind tends to be slower than most these days.  No clue where it will wander off to today!  Did come across a story from the Political Insider : “Obama Threatens to De-Fund Military Unless Terrorists are RELEASED!“.  Did not vote for the idiot in charge either time!  He continuous to prove the idiocy he showed in the Illinois congress did not improve in the least.

He can’t even decide what religion he is!  Is he a Christian or a Muslim? When he was elected, he attended the United Church of Christ.  Now, he prefers to pray to Allah!  Make up your mind.  His wife keeps sticking her nose into what the children of this country eats for lunch each day.  Know the school lunches stank when I in school, but from what I hear now it is much worse!

For some kids this may be the only decent meal they get for the entire day.  Was lucky enough to get a decent breakfast and supper every single day.  Some children rely on the school to get them fed edible food.  And the president wants our country to pay his wife for starving our kids?  I want to know what drugs the man is on and who his supplier is!

And why would we agree to releasing the terrorist we have in custody?  Is that so they can plan another devastating attack on our soil?  Even he can’t actually believe we are that stupid!  9/11/2001 still seems like yesterday to me. He actually wants to perpetuate the terrorism on our country?



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Daily Prompt : Handwritten

The daily prompt from the Daily Post at WordPress was “Handwritten“.  Considering that today is the 14 year after the tragic bombings on American soil, I would have thought they would have used a more patriotic type of prompt!

Do you remember were you were when you heard the news that horrible day?  On September 11, 20001, I was watching CNN in my front room of our house in Colorado.  Had just been laid off from my job as a layer 3 network engineer at Rhythms Netconnections.  The company ended up filing bankruptcy and then closing down completely.  Had been hoping to hear news on a possible place for future employment.  Instead ended up seeing a plane fly directly into the first of the two twin towers.

Was a thoroughly depressing period of my life!  My country was falling apart along with my life.  My life was composed of what I did at work each day.  Loved managing traffic of data crossing our networks at the places that I worked.  Had to file for unemployment for the first time in my life.  Although I would not know it until later, would end up losing the house we were in the process of buying.  Loved that house’s view from my office.  Could look out the window to see the mountains over my desk!  Talk about instant inspiration.  Was a very patriotic kid when I was little.

My grandfather had served for the United States Navy.  He ended up passing away after watching our country’s pathetic response to the terrorist attack on our soil.  His voyages took him all around the world.  He lived out much of what I learned in high school history classes first hand!  There is no better way to learn history than to have someone share their personal experiences with you.  My teachers did a very poor job of interesting their students in the history of the world, let alone the history of the country in which we lived.

Today’s teachers are wanting to do away with teaching children the art of writing by hand.  Without decent penmanship how will the kids become the adults of the future?  How will they be able to legibly sign their own names, if they weren’t taught how to posses decent handwriting in the first place?

Today’s Prompt: Decisions, Decisions

The prompt from the highly intelligent wordsmiths from the daily post at word press is “Decisions, Decisions”. Yes I am aware many colleges are starting their fall term here in the United States right now, but those decisions should have been made a long time before it is time to actually start the enrollment process!

Remember when you were little? What job did you always dream of holding down when you grew up? For me, I wanted to be an astronaut. Figured I should pursue a career in aerospace engineering, to further that goal. Dug into my dream career in high school a little more and to hold the position I wanted on the shuttle crew, I would need to join the U.S. Air Force. At the end of my junior year in high school, had a military recruiter promise to get me an appointment to the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs but because of my young age (entered kindergarten when I was only four years old) my parents would have to sign the paperwork to agree to let me in.

My parents refused to sign, so I lost that appointment and chance to go to school free of charge. Had to find another way to fund my college career. Won a full ride scholarship to Southwest Missouri State University due to my academics while in high school.

Was used to working as a full time hired hand on our family farm while growing up, but my parents told me not to get a job while I was in college. Here I was, over six hours away from home, all alone with extra time on my hands. The course load I had chosen was much harder than anything I had experienced so far in my sheltered little life. At the age of 17, developed a drinking problem.

Took over a year of steady drinking for me to catch on to what was happening in my life. Two of my college friends and I were drinking basically every day. Started out with rum and coke, but ended up just going with straight rum. Knew my father’s side of the family couldn’t have a decent time without the addition of an alcoholic beverage, but come to find out my mother’s side had the same problem! My best computer coding required the addition of alcohol! Lost my scholarship after my freshman year, because my grades had slipped too far. That and I had found out I could never become an astronaut because of my lack of height. (Only five feet one inch tall. Needed to be at least five feet four inches,)

Returned to go to summer school to try to get my grades back up. Got a job as a dorm night shift front desk attendant over the summer. Switched to a better dorm and got a job as a front desk attendant there. About half way through the year, went back home to get some of the things I had left there like my vanity, bed, dresser, and my parents gave me their car so I could try to find a better job. Came across some pictures on my camera that I had no idea who had taken them or who was involved. That sobered me up really quick . Spring break my sophomore year all my suite mates left for the long weekend.

I dumped away every last drop of alcohol down the drain. Then went to work cleaning up our suite. Threw empty boxes, bottles, every reminder I could find of the mess I’d let my life become. Then my body started going through withdrawal. Glad there was no one else that needed the bathroom as much as I was throwing up! By the time my roommate had made it back to the dorms, the worst of the shakes was over.

She was able to let me know who was there when the pictures had been taken. My greatest fear, that I had changed clothes in the same room with the guys never happened. I had came back to our room and changed clothes alone in the bathroom! Was an extremely long year! Lost my scholarship, conquered my drinking problems, and was forced to grow up.

Prompt for the day: Red Pill, Blue Pill

The prompt for the day from the daily post at wordpress.com is Red Pill, Blue Pill.  The people from word press come up with some great starting points for any blogger to sharpen his thoughts with.  Today’s prompt makes me think of the movie “The Matrix”.

Matrix pictureThe movie had me questioning what I thought was reality back in 1999. Had just started to get settled in the state of Colorado.  Had several new friends at work, who were all older men.  Was the only female on the team.  There was way too much drinking involved in the company’s events like weekly meetings and outings like ski trips.

My reality was extremely messed up when I left the company due to not liking the new person in charge of our team.  Just do not tend to get along with slimy sales type of people.  He was trying to get me to service two different companies located in completely different parts of the Denver metro area.  So, I found another consulting firm who was happy to receive my skill set.  Turned out the new company did not stick to the agreement for my employment.  Needed to work closer to the house we had purchased.  Driving all over the metro area did not agree with my multiple sclerosis.  Was starting to cause severe health problems.

So I quit that job to work for a startup DSL company called Rhythms Netconnections.  After about two great years working there, the company was forced to file for bankruptcy.  For the first time in my life, I was laid off from my work!

Talk about stepping into the Matrix!  Had to file for unemployment.  Was watching CNN as the 9/11/2001 attack occurred at several different sites in the U.S.A. felt like a really awful movie.  Just wanted to be able to take a pill and make it all go back to my old image of reality!

The country has not recovered from the attacks since that day.  Please give me a pill to make reality return!