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Prompt for the Day: “Paint”

The boring people at the Daily Post division of Word Press chose what they were waiting to dry “Paint” as the word for us to create our works of art on today.

Watching Paint Dry

Tends to be really life dulling to me!  Not a painter by choice (being color blind causes problems with that form of entertainment).  Remember how difficult the junior high school art class everyone was forced to endure was for me!  The only thing I enjoyed was drawing with pencil using straight edges for prospective drawings.  Face it, even back then I had trouble with shaky hands screwing up my work!

Yeah, I am a boring person.  Have never resorted to observing paint as it tries to set up!  Am not THAT bad, at least.

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Generally, I type my blog (since my handwriting is illegible these days) to post on the internet, read books, aggravate the cat we adopted from the humane society, and perform what house hold chores that I can do successfully.  Watching T.V. tends to make me brain dead, so I avoid it in all cases!

What do you do to alleviate boredom?

Please Help Fight Horrendous Disease

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