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Prompt for the Day: “Luxury”

The wasteful people at the Daily Press division of Word Press want us to focus our works of art on the idea of “Luxury” for today.

Generic Products Work Better!

Generic purchases means you are not paying for the expense of a brand.

  1. For some strange reason, the off label medicines tend to actually work better than the name brand drugs do!
  2. Clothing wise. as long as you do not purchase from a crappy chain store, the no-name items last longer than the top price ones’ lifespan.
  3. Food items are the same way.  I prefer the Wal-mart brand of pop called Mountain Lightning.  The name brand of Mountain Dew, which it is made to replicate, seems to have less of a caffeine kick in it.
  4. Motor cycles appear to be similar.  Why over pay for a Harley-Davidson, when a similar vehicle will be more reliable?

Are you a person that insists on only having name brand items in their life?

Have pretty well grown up on generic products.  When I was in high school, preferred Nike’s, because their shoe style was made for narrower feet.  These days, with the obesity problems in America everyone needs wide width.  Getting narrower shoes is just about impossible!

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Please Help Fight Monstrous Disease

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