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Obstacle Course – Encouraged by the Daily Prompt from wordpress.com

My first experience with a professionally created obstacle course was during new hire week with my first real job with a networking company, Paranet. (Company no longer in existence.)  There, I was the first female network engineer on my team at my site.   Had a blast proving how uncoordinated I really was!  We won’t go into the fact that I already owned my first wheelchair due to multiple sclerosis, which I was diagnosed with in September of 1996.  Was only in the wheelchair when my legs got too confused to support me any longer.

We did a whole lot of drinking alcohol that week of training.  Class was unfortunately located down in Texas which was way too hot for the month of October when I attended the classes.  Do not plan on ever visiting that God forsaken state again!

Was the only time in my life outside the crap they put up for us to climb over in P.E. during my grade school years.  Got more climbing experience on the apple tree in our front yard, where I grew up.

When I was about 8 years old started helping handle the bales during baling season on our family’s farm.  I’d scamper to the top of a fresh wagon load to start guiding them down to the rest of the hired hands on the job for the day.  Had to be very agile to survive without any broken bones!  Actually weighed only about 80 pounds when I started moving 175+ pound hay bales.  Straw was much easier to throw. due to the lack of weight in the bales.  Try baling for a stretch of 4 days in a row from the time the dew got off the fields until it was too dark to safely see!

Talk about a life filled with obstacle courses!  M.S., asthma, you name it I probably have the problem.