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It’s happening!

The team from Ramp Builders are starting to build my wooden wheelchair ramp out my back door!  Should be fully completed sometime this week.  I have a doctor’s appointment in two days.  The Ramps Supervisor said they will get the ramp to where it will reach the ground by then.  Will take a little longer until the safety rails are all up, but at least my husband will be able to get me to the ground safely.

When the ramp is completed, there will be a wooden pathway to the back gate.  Will be able to actually get outside and meet my neighbors!  Gardening will be great too.  Looking forward to the future!

Just feel like I should be out there helping them.  Am going to stay inside out of their way and let them do the job they were trained to do.  Have no knowledge of legal safety requirements for a wooden ramp.   As long as it lets me escape from the house on occasion, I will do what they tell me needs to be done.



Am excited about tomorrow’s meeting with a contractor named Jim.  He will figure out if I qualify to have a ramp to my house built by the www.ramps.org group.  He will be going over the last 3 years tax paperwork, my social security disability benefit statement, and three months of my husbands pay stubs.  If everything checks out, we may be getting a wooden ramp to our back door installed free of charge!

Will be nice to be able to get in and out of the house safely.  The way we had been doing it really scared me.  There were no safety rails and I have a tendency to fall from the weirdest places at the worst possible moment.  Have been wanting to meet our neighbors since we moved in!  The kids in this area all seem friendly and well behaved.

Have been in a wheelchair since we moved into this state back in 2008.  Spent years in Hades at an apartment complex that was supposed to be handicap accessible.  It was a testament to how little people in the town we used to live knew about handicap people.  No ramps in or out of the building.  Door ways too small to fit the smallest adult wheelchair through.  Public transportation was driven by drivers that should have their licences taken away for not clearing obstacles in the road.  How hard is it to drive around existing poles and trees?  Only risked it twice.  Gave up on it as a lost cause.

We purchased a house back on Aug. 15 of 2014.  Moved in by the 20th.  Knew then there was no ramp in existence.  The only place we saw up for sale at the time was a mobile home, but our bank doesn’t offer loans to by modular homes.  So that is why I looked for the house that would be the easiest to modify by adding a ramp.  Found a three bedroom, 2 bathroom house with air conditioning already in it!  Tend to go into seizures if I get overheated, so that was an added benefit!

Tomorrow, I find out if and when I’ll get my freedom!  Looking forward to being able to plant a garden. My husband took care of the wasp nest I had seen between the two windows in our front room.  Anaphylaxis from a wasp sting is NO FUN!  I stop breathing. without an Epinephrine shot, I die.  Fortunately, the first time I was stung, my grandfather who has the same problem. was able to give me the shot.  So armed with my epi pens, I will be able to go out side to start a garden.  Tomatoes are the first thing I will plant.  Since both of us love them.  Next year if those worked, will add cucumbers, radishes, peppers, and various herbs.

Can’t wait to get started!

Miss my old neighbors from Colorado

I miss the family that lived across the cul-de-sac from our house there.  They had two great kids.  Their daughter has probably already graduated from college by now.  She had a younger brother who was autistic.  Loved helping and playing with those guys.

The way the houses were constructed, our house generally got more snow than theirs.  Taught the little boy how to write on the snow with a squirt gun filled with water colored with food coloring.  Had to warn him never to eat yellow, brown, or red colored snow since the area wild life were probably responsible for the color change.  The three of us built snow figures.

We were the only ones in the area that actually used our garage to park our vehicles in.  So we had the only barren drive way.   The warmer months came and there was no longer any snow.  Gave the kids a box of colored chalk so they could decorate our drive way.

We took care of their dog, Shadow, while they were out of town.  Shadow was used to sleeping with the little boy, so my husband had to convince it to go to sleep.  We had two cats at the time.  We moved their litter box out of the downstairs bathroom where it normally was and put the dog down there.  We kept him down there with a gate used to keep little kids out.  We both went down and played with him and wore him out a little before my husband took him outside for a walk so the dog could relieve itself.  Then they came back and my husband told Shadow to go lay down.  That worked as long as my husband was home.  There was a day my husband was scheduled to work over night, so he made a tape recording telling Shadow to go to sleep.  Believe it or not, that actually worked!  We had two cats at the time.  We moved their litter box out of the downstairs bathroom where it normally was to the main floor.  One of our stupid cats decided to try walking along a small ledge just out of Shadow’s reach.  Cat got scared and froze.  Had to go rescue the stupid cat.  Other than that had no problems watching the dog.

Our neighbor to the left of our front door had two animals.  A friendly pit bull named Moe and a calico cat named Patches.  Moe was harmless.  As long as you made sure to talk to him when you went out side he would just do a soft woof in response.  He was an escape artist.  Not unusual to find him in your back yard.  All you had to do was tell him to go home Moe.  One day Moe was in our back yard and one of our cats,  who was protective of our house tried to attack the dog through our glass patio door.  Moe didn’t respond, so the cat kept attacking the window.  After about the fifth time, Moe finally lost his patience and charged the cat.  Thankfully, we were already in the process of having the door replaced.  I took Moe back to his home and let his owner know he needed to make sure the dog hadn’t been hurt.  His owner offered to help pay for repairs, I told him the dog didn’t start it.  Our cat was the one at fault!

My husband agreed to take care of his cat, Patches, while Moe’s owner and Moe were on vacation.   My husband left food and water for the cat, but neither of us had seen her since they left.  When my husband went to check to see if she needed food or water, there was no evidence Patches had been there.  After a few days of this we started checking around the neighborhood to see if anyone had seen her.  By the time Moe and his owner came back we were frantic.  They started to put their suitcases back under the house when out crawled Patches!  Apparently, she was living under the house since the owner had gotten the suitcases out.  Good thing there were plenty of critters under the building for her to eat.

Our other cat had a crush on Patches.  I’d let Patches in our house.  She wouldn’t give him the time of day.  Patches was very friendly, before I knew her name she would come to me when I said come here calico.  Once we became friends with the animals owner he let us know the cat’s name was actually Patches.