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Tattoo…You? is the writing prompt for the day

Tattoo…You? Can say right off, NO!!  I absolutely detest needles.

There is a flip side that I have considered lately because I hate MRI’s even more, if I get a tattoo the neurologists will not be able to make me get a MRI any more!  Would have to get myself under some type of sedation to have the tattoo put on my body, then NO MORE MRI‘s!

The MRI’s are to monitor my multiple sclerosis disease’s progression in my body.  Am already forced to use a wheelchair for getting around the house daily.

Starting to sound more and more promising with each day that my next MRI draws nearer.  Good news is that I don’t actually have to worry about that happening until early 2016!  Better keep that thought from my neurological team, though.  Wouldn’t want them to dissuade me.  Then again, I need to practice my argument skills on someone.

Always up for a good fight or argument.  Helps break up the monotony of life.