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Used to be proud to be an American

Back in the 80’s I was a very happy American, trying to help people in foreign countries like Africa.  I remember doing Hands across America back then.  Unfortunately, where I lived there were not a lot of people interested.  So we  sort of had a broken line, but we tried!  Was a Girl Scout who participated in flag ceremonies locally.

Went to Virginia to attend General Synod with the church my parents belonged to.  Was the first time I flew in a commercial air plane.  Talk about having to trust God!  Made it safely there, to experience living proof that the church was full of self centered bigots.  Had pretty well came to that conclusion during my confirmation years, when I was lied to and forced to join a church I did not believe in due to their money hungry ways.

Went off to a different state to attend college at age 17.  Tried to become a member of the local congregation of the church I grew up in, and was told they didn’t want to deal with college kids who didn’t have money and would be leaving soon.  Went with one of the people I met in college to a church of a slightly different faith.  I grew up United Church of Christ, switched to Methodist in college.

Met a lot of new people in college.  I am 50% German, 1 eighth native American black foot Indian, and the rest is a melting pot.  Never really dealt with black people back home, because when someone moved into the area they were run out of town.  Sometimes just being made to feel uncomfortable, other times buildings caught fire or pets were burned alive.  Not a good place to be from.

I thought America was supposed to be a sort of country of people from all over the world thrown together for good.  While living in the Chicago metro area, I got to work with people of different faiths.  Over lunch hour one day we all sat down and compared the different religions we were part of.  I was Christian, there were 2 people of Jewish faith, one Muslim,   and one Buddhist.  From talking to the guys, I think I might actually prefer Buddhism!  The Muslim gentleman was completely against violence.  Here since 9/11 occurred our country has been in constant tail spin down.

What happened to the country I used to love?  The children of today no longer respect their elders.  People are killing each other for no reason at all.  Unemployment is running rampant throughout the nation.  I made the mistake of voting for a Democratic presidential candidate before, Clinton and his women were the outcome of that mistake.  I learn from my mistakes and did not vote for Obama either time!  Unfortunately, Obama can’t be the entire cause of this county’s problems.