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Prompt for the day: First Crush

The brilliant editors at the daily post with WordPress came up with the writing prompt for today as : “First Crush“.

My first crush came during grade school.  It was an older boy in the gifted program I attended at school.  The crush remained all the way through high school.  Would get the normal sweaty palms around him with increased heart rates.  You know the regular first crush responses when I was anywhere near him.

We were both in a musical together in my seventh grade year of school.  I had two different parts.  The first was an orphan, the second was a thief in the musical “Oliver“.  The next year I was just in the musical’s band for the school’s production of “The Boyfriend

Played in the band for his graduation from high school ceremony.  Was a sad day!

He went away to college to study at M.I.T..  He actually basically managed to flunk out of school there.  He claims it was because he missed his girlfriend.  Upon his crawl back home, the two hooked back  up and eventually got married.  Now they have a son with a learning disability.  The female he married had a younger brother that was my age who was pretty stupid himself, so it came as no surprise to me that there was a problem with the blood line!

Turns out the guy I had a crush on was only interested in reproduction after all.  Here I thought he was actually interested in intelligence.  The family he married into proves intelligence was not a factor he was interested in.

Daily prompt for today was : West End Girls

West End Girls
This just makes me think about a really bad song from when I was in junior high school. Was by a group from the U.K. called Pet Shop Boys back in the late 1980’s. One of the inspirations for this creation came from TS Eliot’s poem The Wasteland.

TS Eliot is one of my favorite authors. His book Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats inspired Andrew Lloyd Webber to write his famous musical “Cats“. My husband and I have went to two different showings of the musical, first in Springfield Missouri and once while we lived in Colorado. Can’t even rent the musical now because it reminds me of the two cats we adopted in 1997. They passed away due to illness and old age. I still miss the two on a daily basis.