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Prompt for the Day-“Third Rate Romance”

On Dec. 16th the amorous people from the Daily Post group of Word Press offered the writing prompt of “Third Rate Romance“.  Then they offered up the following request-“Tell us your funniest relationship disaster story.”

My first boyfriend…

Was only a freshman in high school.  We were both in the Young Astronauts club.  Since I was in the gifted program, we were encouraged to tutor other kids having problems with their homework.  So we actually had a ligament reason to meet after school.  Truthfully had a crush on his older brother, but was hoping to manage to get a chance to be with the older kid.

Never try that, it doesn’t work.  The kid I was helping fell hard in love with me.  He had the mistaken idea I would be willing to have sex with him while at his house for a tutoring session!  Needless to say, I broke it off (relationship, not a body part I thankfully never had the misfortune of seeing)!

My second dating mess…

Was at the end of my freshman year of college.  Ran into the guy on the internet using a MUD (or MUSH) site at the end of 1991.  He was threatening to commit suicide!  Scared the crap out of me.  Got him to tell me where about he lived, so I could send someone to help him.  His mother was not too particularly happy when the police showed up.  The police ended up fining his little brother for property destruction that he had done at the school they both attended.  Was a long night on the computer.

We arranged a meeting at a local dinner theater owned and operated by one of his friend’s family.  Another case of me getting a crush on the wrong person.  I fell for his friend, but because the suicidal kid was interested in me did not pursue it.  Kept dating the suicidal guy for over a year.  Then he gave me a promise ring.  He wanted me to marry him!  Flat out turned him down and moved into an apartment on the other side of town.  He became a stalker.  Broke into my apartment (all you needed to get through the locked door was a plastic card like a ID or credit card) and stole a pair of my underwear!  Not too worried about the loss of clothing, but the fact when I tried reporting the incident to the police they told me to just to go back home.

Last one…

Was pretty well done with meeting strangers.  Signed up with a dating service.  Went out with several losers from that service.  Then came across an invitation to meet up with a great looking man.  Started out just talking over the phone at first.  His voice was so soothing, actually fell asleep while on the phone with him!  Had to meet the man that sounded like an actual gentleman.

We agreed to meet at a restaurant (Country Kitchen) near where I lived.  He was tall (6 foot 3 inches) to my short frame, barely over five feet.  The first date was a very late supper.  My insides were so messed up with nerves, just ordered a soda.  Don’t remember what he had.  He started asking about where I lived.  Told him which road I lived on between two major roads.  Then he asked if I happened to live in Wood gate apartments.  (I actually did, but asked how he knew the area so well)  Turns out we lived in the same complex, he was just in a different building!

At the end of the date we went our separate ways, but I was completely smitten!  Ended up calling him to thank him for the date and asking when we could get together again.  Had to get a little sleep before work and school the next day after all.  The next evening we met over at his apartment.

By the end of the year we were living in my apartment together!  Had to finish my senior year with college.  I proposed to him, asking him to marry me.  He flat out turned me down.  (He was old fashioned, thought he had to ask my father’s permission first.  Told him if he did that, I wouldn’t marry him.  Agreed to let him ask my grandfather instead!)  When we went back to my hometown six hours away, we had our normal Sunday lunch with my grandparents.  Took grandma into the front room after lunch to give my boyfriend the chance to have a talk with grandpa.  He came back into the front room grinning from ear to ear.  All he had to wait until after I graduated and promise to take care of me for the rest of my life!

The day after I graduated, we got married.  Have been happily living together since 1995!