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Prompt for today: “Mouth Drop”

From the Daily Post at WordPress, they selected the phrase Mouth Drop for today’s writing prompt.

Have no idea what this prompt is supposed to provoke in our minds.  Is this like when you are trying to get your jaw to pop to relieve the pressure in your ears upon altitude changing?  That would be a jaw drop in my opinion.  Or is this when your mouth opens in a state of awe?  Think that must be it!

Guess my first experience with that type of mouth drop occurred when flying in on a commercial flight for an assignment to networking job  in Los Angeles, California.  During the trip had to switch planes at Denver International Airport.

Got to see what John Denver must have witnessed, when he wrote the song “Rocky Mountain High“.   Had a chance to see first hand, what he had probably seen when he observed the fire raining in the sky.  Took my breathe away!  Will never be able to forget that moment.  It is ingrained in my memory for the rest of my life!