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Prompt for the Day: “Million-Dollar Question”

The prompt for the day from the want-to-be wealthy people at the daily post division of Word Press was “Million-Dollar Question“.  Following the prompt they asked the question “Why do you blog?”

Personally, I blog to keep my mind active and engaged.  Enjoy writing about topics that are suggested to me or things I feel strongly about.  The Daily Post offers new topics each day, sometimes the topics click with my current mood and I go from there.  Fellow bloggers also suggest topics to spark our imagination.

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Some people use a blog as a sort of diary.  Others blog to record the events of their lives.  Then there are others like me, who have always loved to write starting in early childhood.  Aspiring authors test the waters for a new book themes and / or characters.  What better way to get help for building a new environment for a story?

You may not have a bend towards the science fiction environment, but another blogger may help put your writing’s work in that perspective.  Who knows what will come of this exciting adventure into a new genre?  Maybe this is what you were truly meant to craft in your writings!

Face it, all knowledge is good!  What you chose to do with that knowledge can remain good or turn evil.  The choice is all up to you.  Make sure you are comfortable with the direction your writing leads you and others to take on the journey.  If necessary, you may need to warn readers before they start engaging with your work that it is not meant for people below a certain age group.  You probably wouldn’t want a five year old to read about a bloody zombie eating frenzy, would you?  Or any creature on a blood fest for that matter!  Do you want to be the reason a child can no longer sleep at night?

If your desire is to scare people, then more power to you!  You may be the next Stephen King.