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Prompt for the Day: “It Builds Character”

The people from the Daily Post division of Word Press posed a challenge to start us creating our next characters for our next writing projects with the following prompt “It Builds Character“.  They added a statement, followed by a question-“Tell us about a favorite character from film, theater, or literature, with whom you’d like to have a heart-to-heart. What would you talk about?”

My favorite Character

Prefer him in the books, but own copies of the filmmaker’s interpretation of him, too.  The person is none other than the young wizard Harry Potter!  Was raised by his aunt and uncle along with his cousin.  They all treated him cruelly, keeping him from knowing the truth about how his parents had died.  He managed to overcome their crappy raising to befriend most people who met him.

His best friends were Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.  The three of them fight against the evils of the world, both helping and teaching others along the way!  Displays a good example of friendship today’s kids could learn from.  Would like to ask Harry how he managed to face his worst fear, fighting Lord Voldemort.  Considering my worst fear is getting a MRI, because of my claustrophobia.

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