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Today’s Prompt: “Life’s a Candy Store”

The evil word smiths from the Daily Post division of Word Press want me to get fat on things I should not eat, that’s why they devised today’s post of  “Life’s a Candy Store“.

The only candy store I ever remember going into as a child was “See’s Candies“.  Used to think it must have smelled like heaven would smell if I ever died and was lucky enough to go there!  Went there with my mom before Easter every year.  Still never managed to see what a rabbit had to do with the whole Easter story from the Bible.

Can rabbits even eat chocolate, or like most dogs and cats are the allergic to it?  There were several old-time candy stores in “Silver Dollar City” when our Girl Scout troop visited it back in grade school.

My life has been like a box of assorted melted chocolates, some nice and sweet, others with disgusting centers that makes you feel extremely ill.  Some sick and twisted evil magician must be involved in the creation of my candies.  The poisonous centers to weaken and crumble your very will to survive!  Hope the manager of the candy store that provided my body with it’s contents rots in hell for all eternity!  Not in a good mood today (in case you hadn’t figured that out).

Could candy possibly give you a back ache?  Maybe if you made a life time of over indulging in fattening foods that put a strain on your body.  In that case you ended up with what you deserved anyway!  But if you kept a healthy weight and lost the ability to walk, it wouldn’t actually be your fault, would it?  Doesn’t help in my situation.

Maybe they had just been inspired by watching the movie “Forrest Gump“.  Who knows where they arrive at these daily prompts?




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