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Prompt for the Day: “I’ve Become My Parents”

The prompt given to the blogging community by the people at the Daily Post division of WordPress is “I’ve Become My Parents“.

In the case of my mother, that is an extreme compliment.  She has raised 3 children of her own and countless others, who have benefited from her wise guidance.  Works in the town’s local school system as a teaching assistant.  Has more college instruction than most of the actual teaching staff.  Specializes in helping the kids with learning disabilities.  That’s her day job.  At night and during the weekends, she sells Tupperware products!  She also is a full time slave for my father’s company Wagner Holstein Dairy Farm (has no web presence at this time).

In the case of my father, I am insulted to be compared to him!  He is the reason I am so short.  Am only five foot and one lousy inch tall.  My mom is taller than he is.  Everyone is taller, except me.  My doctor who treated me as a child, didn’t notice I had scoliosis until I went in for my fifth grade physical.  Nothing was ever done to combat my crooked spine!  While living in Lombard, IL went to a chiropractor about a back ache.  After going there several times, he let me know that if my spine had been put in a brace upon diagnosis way back in grade school, I’d be a couple of inches taller!

The main reason I could not pursue my dream job of being an astronaut was I needed five more inches in height.  Could not get a back brace due to the cost of the brace and need for follow up appointments to monitor my back’s progress.  Would not be able to have done my daily farm chores while wearing it, either.  There are weight lifting restraints while having a brace on.  No more handling of bales, buckets of calf supplements, or even lifting a bag of dog food with the brace.

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