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Boink, OW!

Was dating a man who looked exactly like my grandpa’s pictures when he was just starting out in the Navy.  He acted like my grandpa did as well!  A true gentleman.  Eventually, he moved into my apartment with me.

He moved his futon chair into the front room of the apartment.  It converted to a full size bed when needed. Sure beat the heck out of fooling around on my bunk beds!  You remember the song about sleeping single in a double bed?  We were sleeping double in a single bed!  We had a walk in closet, bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen area.  Was a little cramped.  Had to listen to our elderly next door neighbors having loud sex at all hours of the day / night.  Don’t know where they got their stamina from.  Got tired of the drug busts happening in the complex, so we started looking for a new place to live.  I was still in college.  He had given me an engagement ring, but I could not marry him until I graduated from college.  We moved our wedding date up to the day after my graduation.

While at work one Saturday, he and his mother moved all our possessions across town.  Did not have the chance to clean the apartment before we moved out or in.  Really pissed me off!

We were still not married, but the quiet of the new place helped me concentrate better while studying for my college tests.  No more getting woke up by any type of sirens.  No more police raids or tornado warnings going off at the end of the complex.  Made friends with the older lady next door to us when the normal weather problems occurred.  Her son worked nights on the road, so she worried about him being hit out there.

The futon was put in the front room of the new place.  We were going at it one day on the futon.  The walls were a little closer than either of us had realized.  Hit my head on the one wall every time he entered me, thus the “Ow!”.  Didn’t ask him to stop, I was enjoying it way too much to ask him to stop!

Once we were married, we took some of the money given to us to purchase a queen sized bed.  The futon was pretty worn out, so we also got a couch to replace it.  A new kitchen table also replaced what we used at the first apartment.  We still use that table today in our house in Minnesota.  It went from Missouri, to Lombard, IL, to Colorado, to Wisconsin, back to southern Illinois, again to Missouri, to the apartment from hell in Hastings, Minnesota, finally resting in our house here in St. Paul.  It is NOT moving again!