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Prompt for the Day: “Immortalized in Stone”

Why does the prompt for the day’s topic get me thinking about death?  The only way I could foresee being immortalized in stone, is if someone disobeyed my request to be cremated and decided to waste valuable land to bury me somewhere!  That is why I hope never to be immortalized in stone like today’s prompt wants me to write about.  Officially, the prompt for today is “Immortalized in Stone” as suggested by the Daily Post group of Word Press.

Guess it is possible, to have your ashes deterred in a place that holds your name written in stone to remember your existence on this Earth.  Why waste land for a memorial of someone, who has done nothing that makes any significant difference to human life on this planet?  Sort of why I prefer cremation as opposed to burial in the first place.  Just scatter my ashes on the ground somewhere, so I can give back to this planet, once and for all!

Have no reason to be remembered for all of prosperity by the world.  Considering how much the medicines cost to just help me survive, am more of a drain on others than a benefit!  Have made no Earth shattering discoveries in my life time.  Doubt anything will occur to me in the future, so why continue to waste money?

Did rescue two cats along with my husband back when we lived in upper Illinois, U.S.A.   The pair traveled to several different states of the country with us.  Unfortunately, they both have passed away.  We adopted another cat after our last animal was put to sleep due to illness.  Current animal likes to alternately chew on either me or my husband.  Evil cat!

Try to help others as much as I can.  It is sort of hard to do when you cannot drive anymore.  I blog on the internet so that maybe I will be able to inspire others to do good in this world.  Who knows if I am actually getting heard y the people who need help?


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