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The Old Statement That Guns Do Not Kill People, People Kill People Still Applies Today

After the recent killings across the country, people are pressuring the government to outlaw guns.  Outlawing guns does not necessarily get them out of the hands of criminals.  It just gets them out of the hands of law abiding citizens.  Who will protect our kids if guns are outlawed?

It is possible to get on the the directions on how to print out a gun on the internet.  This knowledge is in the hands of the good guys as well as the bad ones.  Criminals could print out an untraceable gun to kill your kids or their personal enemies.

Tracing the printed out guns is hard unless the person printing out the gun is stupid enough to leave finger prints all over the printed work.   Don’t our manufacturing companies need to keep printing out demos, or we could just outlaw the ownership of printers that make physical demos possible?  Without making demos how would companies be able to manufacture new products?  With out new products our unemployment rate would climb through the rood!

Our country was founded by people who wanted to be able to produce exciting new business ventures and raise their own families with the freedom of religion and speech.  That allows them to be able to teach the next generation how to grow into successful adults.

Our wild west days may have come to an end, but part of being an American is the right to bear arms.  My arms are not steady enough to handle a fire arm, but I still think it is a right we should exercise if we are licensed and capable of handling a firearm.  Both my husband and father-in-law are licensed and capable of safely handling a weapon.

The official wars here in this country may have ceased, but if they were to resume for some unthinkable reason they could help defend us.  We have no children by personal decision, but I am still protective of kids.  We have enough nieces and nephews to keep us in the loop.

Kids have to be protected from all the lunatics in this world.  For some ungodly reason they seem to attack the soft under-belly of our families.  Crazy people have a very hurtful sense of timing.

I hope you protect your families through these tempestuous times.  Remember guns do not kill people, People kill people.