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Today’s prompt – “The Young and the Rested”

The prompt for the day after Labor Day by the people who apparently did not spend the day partying is:  “The Young and the Rested“.

When my husband tried installing the first new battery on my electric wheelchair, we needed a lot more tools than I had expected.  Had to use several different Allen wrenches.  Both a size 6 and a size 4 ended up having to be utilized to access the battery tray at the front of my electric wheelchair.  Once he got the tray pulled out, we discovered that the battery was too small to fill the place of the old battery.  That lead to my contacting the seller by email to ask about returning the unused battery.

The seller let me know the reason it was smaller was in all actuality we needed to use two of that model battery to fill the space.  So my husband and I decided we would use the seller again to get an additional unit.  The seller had an excellent repertoire of experience with electric wheelchairs.  All we had personally was an online copy of the user’s manual.  I was a good mechanic on old pickup trucks, but have absolutely no knowledge when it comes to fixing wheelchairs of any type!

Got worn out from having to explain why the first battery was a correct battery, we just needed two of them to fill the slots to make the chair work properly!  Once that was explained thoroughly, got permission to order the second battery.  Now we just have to wait for the nice FedEx man to deliver it to my back door, like he did the first one.

That covered the rested part of the prompt.  As for the young portion, I am a year younger than my husband and most of my friends.  So does that meet the young part to your satisfaction?