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Prompt for the Day: “Everything Changes”

The slow people at the Daily Post division of Word Press just realized a shocking reality! They chose today’s prompt to reflect the fact that “Everything Changes“.  They added three simple statements to our directions on what we should write about: “Walking down the street, you encounter a folded piece of paper on the sidewalk. You pick it up and read it and immediately, your life has changed. Describe this experience.”

The prompt made me think of an old episode of “The Brady Bunch” when one of the boy’s voice changed due to age.  For singer’s a voice change can be catastrophic!

Personally, the only thing I do with trash I find on the ground is to deposit it in the nearest trash receptacle.  Unless it is a self exploding piece of paper (they DO exist) it would not change my life in any way that I can imagine.

In the matter of recent changes in the World today, the act of owning a gun purchased legally in the USA has now come to be in question.  Thought we were supposed to have the right to defend our families!  Apparently, 9/11/2001 changed all of that.  Now Americans are joining the people who attacked our country to try to engage in jihads here in our own country!

We have decent neighbors in the house we live in here in Minnesota.  Have no fear of using my wheelchair outside here at home.  Rarely hear guns going off (then it is at the start of a race or something like that), police drive down the street fairly regularly.

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Please help fight my disease

The medicine my neurologist has me on for my multiple sclerosis is called Tysabri.  Trying to find the actual cost on the internet is impossible.  I remember when I first started on it , the amount the facility tried charging me was well over $2500.  There was no way my husband and I could afford that every 28 days!  Biogen (manufacturing drug company) has been helping us with some of the cost of the drug, but will not continue helping indefinitely.  So I have started a Go Fund Me campaign.  To contribute to the fund, click on the following link: https://www.gofundme.com/zfabhdes

All help will be greatly appreciated.   Thank you for your generosity!