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Daily Prompt : Forever Young

The prompt for the day from the creative inspiration sparking people at wordpress was  Forever Young.

Bob Dylan was the artist that released the song that was sung at the graduation my Junior year in high school.  Was playing in the band for that evening, that is why I remember it.

That year two of my classmates were killed in a car accident because they were speeding over what was known as seven hills road.  There were questions raised because there was alcohol detected at the scene. Since the local police at the time were known for being the supplier of drugs and alcohol to the young people of the area, it was sorta swept under the rug.

One of the two girls had played on a khory league team with me one year back when I was in seventh grade.  The other girl was relatively new to town.  They held a combined funeral in the high school gymnasium.  Both families were of different religions, so there were two separate pastors preaching.  Was a confusing day.

The family that was new to the town moved away.  The other family never fully recovered from the loss of their daughter.  They will remain the age that they died in my mind for the rest of my life.

Proof again that drinking and driving don’t mix!