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Prompt for the Day: “Out of Reach”

The choice of words for the Daily Prompt for today is “Out of Reach“.  When you only stand a lowly five feet one inch,  what isn’t out of reach?  If you want to be even more realistic am a short person confined to a wheelchair, due to multiple sclerosis.

My life is basically out of reach these days.  Dreamt of being an astronaut when I was little, didn’t find out until college there was a height requirement.  That dream was several inches out of my reach.  Dated a boy in college with major mommy issues.  Ended up breaking up with him.  The ass wipe then broke into my apartment and stole a pair of my underwear!  Tried getting the local police to do something to help.  They just about laughed at me to my face.  So the security of getting police help was way out of reach while living in that apartment complex!

Took a chance using a local dating service.  Met some more real losers.  Answered a want ad from the local newspaper of a guy looking for companionship.  He was better than the first people I met from the dating service, but he just wanted a one night stand.  Finally saw a guy from the dating service that looked interesting.  Only problem was he worked nights at the local G.E. plant.  We agreed to meet at a local restaurant after he got off work one night.  Basically ended up being just about love at first sight.  The only thing out of reach was we met after midnight and I had an early college class the next day.  We went our separate ways with the exchange of phone numbers.

He called me up in the after noon of the next day.  At a more reasonable hour we met again at the same place.  We started talking about where we were currently living.  Told him what road I lived on.  He then told me the name of the apartment complex I lived in!  Scared the shit out of me.  Was this guy a stalker or what?  He laughed and told me he lived in the same complex!  Just on a different side of the mass of buildings.  We each were using different laundry areas or we would have met earlier.  After we had finished our meals we went to our own vehicles.

He called me later to talk before he left for work.  I was smitten.  He was not so far out of my reach!

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