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Prompt for the Day: “Diverse”

The narrow minded people at the Daily Post group of Word Press want US to focus our personal creative works of art on the word “Diverse“.

Attended College For Diverse Experience

In a different state of the US, I met people from all walks of life.  Many new cultures and religions where introduced to me.

First thing I was faced with was the confirmation that the church I was forced to belong to growing up was really just after my money, not actually helping others!  Ended up switching to another Christian faith.

Students at the college came from all around the world to pursue their education.  Became good friends with people from over seas.  The students coming from other counties actually tended to be way ahead of us American kids!  They had focused their childhoods on learning everything they could.  Was a little jealous of their dedication to knowledge.

Eventually, would end up meeting a young man who would become my husband.  The only problem was he had been brought up in the Catholic faith.  Ended up converting him to Methodist with me, since that was the church I had chosen to start attending in college.  We had a blast singing in their choir together.  Went on trips to help the elderly of the area winterize their homes.  Liked getting the chance to help other people!

Please Help Fight Evil Disease

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