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Prompt for the Day: “Trick Questions”

The prompt for the day from the wizardry community of the Daily Post division of Word Press is “Trick Questions“.  They made a statement then asked one in-depth question:”A Pulitzer-winning reporter is writing an in-depth piece — about you. What are the three questions you really hope she doesn’t ask you?”

Thought the fact that they mentioned the reporter was female was definitely a favorable sign.  Most other writers generally do not lower themselves to admit a person of the female gender has written a good work!

Hope she doesn’t ask why I left the state of Colorado willingly back at the end of 2004.  Should have put up a bigger fight about leaving my doctor and neurologist’s care.  We also left all the friends I had made with our neighbors and former coworkers with out much of a way to contact them.  Still miss them all very much.

Also hope she doesn’t ask why I did not pursue a lawsuit against the employer I made the mistake of trying to work for in Superior, WI.  They blatantly discriminated against me being in and out of my wheelchair, due to my multiple sclerosis.  Without access to the medicines from my neurologist, I was in constant pain.

Hope she doesn’t ask me why I wanted to end my life.  Ended up calling a friend to say “Good bye”, because I was going to kill myself.  She had me give her the address where we were living now and told me to write a letter to my husband saying good bye to him.  Considering I had already started the letter, just finished it off.

Took the letter and placed it on the kitchen table, when someone started pounding on the front door.  Stupidly, I answered it, not knowing who it could be.  Turned out to be a local sheriff, who my friend had gotten in touch with.  He had me grab a change of clothes and stuff I would need at the mental facility he was forcing me to get admitted in to.



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