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Clay, it’s everywhere!

My husband and I were driving through a remote part of Colorado.  We had taken my Jeep Grand Cherokee Lorado, but he was driving.  There was a patch of mud that for some unknown reason called him to drive through.  I warned him it would get us stuck, because it was obviously clay.

Having grown up on a farm and having entered science fair projects about the area where I grew up’s dirt I was pretty familiar with the different types of soil in existence in the United States of America.  When it appears the same as the clay I grew up around, didn’t see any reason it couldn’t exist in the state of Colorado.  Sure enough he drove into the mud pit and got us stuck.  If you know anything about the ability to get mired in a clay pit, you know the normal ways of dislodging yourself from mud doesn’t work in clay.  Rocking the vehicle back and forth, just digs you in further.

Thought we were going to be stuck there for a while and I really needed to urinate.  My husband flagged a car down to attempt to get assistance.   I did one of the stupidest things of my life and went with the strangers to a near by town to get a tow truck to help pull us out.  This was a complete stranger!  Thinking about it now, was lucky I was not killed!  The only thing I had with me was my call phone.  Thankfully, was able to find a bathroom and get in touch with a tow truck company.

While all this was happening,  my husband had someone pull our vehicle  out of the mud.  Contacted the towing company and let them know their services were no longer needed.  Would have been several hours before they could have came anyway, so it is a good thing he got the jeep unstuck.  Was an extremely long day, glad we left our two cats plenty of food and water!